Marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. A serious relationship that requires work, communication, and constant revelation is not for those who like things done ‘the easy way’ and search for ‘easy love.’ In today’s society, people are looking for the ‘fast food’ kind of love, where it’s easy to purchase. The commitment required inContinue reading “Marriage”


As human beings who are intuitive and wise people, we are great at many things. The human race is full of talent, wisdom, knowledge, and innovation surpassing any other. Yet perhaps the greatest strength of humankind is the power to dig our graves of misery and then lie in the abyss of darkness we’ve createdContinue reading “Labelling”

One step at a time

Spontaneity is one of my favorites. Things happen, as if by themselves, without elegant planning or thought. I like it when an idea pans out on the spur of the moment, and I get to follow through on it. At the end of last week, my husband and I decided to get away for aContinue reading “One step at a time”

Ups & Downs

There will always be ups and downs. You’ve tried getting up, attempted to dust off your clothes, and fought so hard to make those scars disappear. You fell many times and stumbled more than the steps you have taken forward.  There will be those times when life just gets too much, and you feel likeContinue reading “Ups & Downs”

Time for ‘Me Time’

Sometimes I think that I’ve forgotten how to just be. To sit still, to feel my presence, to hold my emotions and my state of being just as deeply and tangibly as I do my physical reality. There have been lots going on at my end this past week and I have not found theContinue reading “Time for ‘Me Time’”

Nothing Worth Having

Nothing worth having comes easy. If it’s worth it you will need to invest every drop of energy to make it happen. If it’s really important to you you’ll need to fight through battles to get there. You’ll need to climb mountains and treacherous terrain. You’ll need to stretch beyond the limits of your bodyContinue reading “Nothing Worth Having”

Greatest Blessing

If you take a long and hard look around you and think about all the happenings going on in our world, it is easy to lose yourself in the pain and endless heartache. It doesn’t take much for one to realize that the world we’re living in is a frightening place. Where our every moveContinue reading “Greatest Blessing”

Kicks of Love

Now that I’m entering the sixth month of my pregnancy my baby’s kicks come hard and fast. So much so that I may cringe, the sharp pains in my stomach something that I’m not accustomed to! It is interesting to note that I have not felt any resentment or anger for the pain that thisContinue reading “Kicks of Love”

Gift of Giving

Giving is part and parcel of life. The way we humans operate. Give and take, return, and reflect, with smiles and with gratitude. Giving makes up life. What are we if we do not give of ourselves to another? What is our purpose if we cannot extend ourselves and go beyond our comfort zones toContinue reading “Gift of Giving”

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