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Return to Me

Return to me, my strength For it has faded and gone away- Be with me, for now I know That without you I am astray No comfort or solace to keep me warm At the end of a hard, painful day. Return to me, my passion For it has grown icy and cold over timeContinue reading “Return to Me”


As human beings who are intuitive and wise people, we are great at many things. The human race is full of talent, wisdom, knowledge, and innovation surpassing any other. Yet perhaps the greatest strength of humankind is the power to dig our graves of misery and then lie in the abyss of darkness we’ve createdContinue reading “Labelling”

One step at a time

Spontaneity is one of my favorites. Things happen, as if by themselves, without elegant planning or thought. I like it when an idea pans out on the spur of the moment, and I get to follow through on it. At the end of last week, my husband and I decided to get away for aContinue reading “One step at a time”

What If…

What if every moment every struggle you go through, what if it meant that it’s really a blessing for you? What if every heartache every painful, dreary night, meant that there was someone who won’t leave you out of sight. What if every struggle every battle that you win, makes you only stronger than youContinue reading “What If…”

Greatest Blessing

If you take a long and hard look around you and think about all the happenings going on in our world, it is easy to lose yourself in the pain and endless heartache. It doesn’t take much for one to realize that the world we’re living in is a frightening place. Where our every moveContinue reading “Greatest Blessing”

Gift of Giving

Giving is part and parcel of life. The way we humans operate. Give and take, return, and reflect, with smiles and with gratitude. Giving makes up life. What are we if we do not give of ourselves to another? What is our purpose if we cannot extend ourselves and go beyond our comfort zones toContinue reading “Gift of Giving”