It’s Okay not to be Okay

The skies open, and rain thunders through the sky. They come steady and furious, its pattern beautiful for me to watch from the safety of my car, yet persistent for those caught out in the rain. I am safe in my vehicle. Nice and dry when there are so many out there running and tryingContinue reading “It’s Okay not to be Okay”

Ups & Downs

There will always be ups and downs. You’ve tried getting up, attempted to dust off your clothes, and fought so hard to make those scars disappear. You fell many times and stumbled more than the steps you have taken forward.  There will be those times when life just gets too much, and you feel likeContinue reading “Ups & Downs”

No Pain, No Gain

I haven’t had the easiest childhood, to say the least. Life has forced me to grow up too fast and too soon, at a pace that I could barely follow. I was unceremoniously thrown into the whirlpool of pain, anguish, and intolerable emotional purgatory. Nobody asked me if I wanted to do this. If IContinue reading “No Pain, No Gain”

Why, God…

Why God, I ask  When there is never a clear reason  For pain, for heartbreak For a desperately lonely season. Why God, I ask When people die, when hardships come And there seems to be no answer At least no good one. Why God, I ask When I’m in midst of sorrow When I can’tContinue reading “Why, God…”

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