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A Joyful Heart

Since my precious boy came into our lives, I have altered my definition of Heaven. Since the baby has filled my life with love and light, I can’t carve out time for myself. I cherish the times I can spend alone, with a steaming mug of coffee and reading material. I can close my eyesContinue reading “A Joyful Heart”

September 19- Baby’s debut!

Our little guy is here! As I say these words, they bring up so much emotion. I watch my angelic boy sleeping peacefully in his bassinet and wonder how God can create such perfection with complete detail and precision. The moment I gave birth to our child was when I got to know the feelingContinue reading “September 19- Baby’s debut!”

With me in the Brokenness

Most of the time, when my spirit is low, and my mood can use a lift, I turn to my beloved written word for inspiration and comfort. When I feel like I’m running out of emotional fuel and my strength is ebbing, I turn to the solace that provides relief. It’s been a long timeContinue reading “With me in the Brokenness”

It’s Okay not to be Okay

The skies open, and rain thunders through the sky. They come steady and furious, its pattern beautiful for me to watch from the safety of my car, yet persistent for those caught out in the rain. I am safe in my vehicle. Nice and dry when there are so many out there running and tryingContinue reading “It’s Okay not to be Okay”


Marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. A serious relationship that requires work, communication, and constant revelation is not for those who like things done ‘the easy way’ and search for ‘easy love.’ In today’s society, people are looking for the ‘fast food’ kind of love, where it’s easy to purchase. The commitment required inContinue reading “Marriage”


As human beings who are intuitive and wise people, we are great at many things. The human race is full of talent, wisdom, knowledge, and innovation surpassing any other. Yet perhaps the greatest strength of humankind is the power to dig our graves of misery and then lie in the abyss of darkness we’ve createdContinue reading “Labelling”

I’ll Never Leave

‘I want to stay here forever,’ I whisper, While I caress his soft skin and feel his silky hair. ‘Yeah?’ he asks softly, As if the breath itself is sacred and smooth- The delicate thing between us, the most epic Erotic emotion I’ve felt in what feels like Forever. We lay in bed, arms aroundContinue reading “I’ll Never Leave”