Time for ‘Me Time’

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Sometimes I think that I’ve forgotten how to just be. To sit still, to feel my presence, to hold my emotions and my state of being just as deeply and tangibly as I do my physical reality.

There have been lots going on at my end this past week and I have not found the opportunity to sit with myself, to truly be with myself, and listen to my inner voice. I’ve been too busy listening to others in the workplace, facilitating meetings, and smilingly smoothing ruffled feathers. I’ve been harried, running around all the time, between obligations and errands and things that need to get done.

I couldn’t take the time for myself. Not because I’ve avoided it. On the contrary, I continuously searched for those opportunities and windows of time to close my eyes, let my thoughts wander, and feel the pressure of everything on my shoulder.

Now, when penning my thoughts I can feel the enormity of life’s going on resting on my heart. I’m always there for everyone else, doing things for all the people around me, while ultimately forgetting that God has given me this body and soul to care for and nourish. Not just physically, yet spiritually and emotionally as well.

So many times we are busy caring for the people around us. We are devoted, loving, caring, and truly good people. Yet we forget to be there for the person that matters most. For the one body and soul that has been given to you and nobody else.

We think it’s a luxury caring for our needs. We surmise that our comforts, our peace of mind, and our stability are something that will be taken care of when “we have some time.” Yet the time never comes because there’s always something else, somebody else, someplace else that’s calling our attention.

It’s time for us all to take a deep breath, to drop every other ball we’re trying to catch for a few minutes. To love ourselves, to care for ourselves, and to be with ourselves. To find the time, to make the time for what really and truly matters. Because at the end of the day an empty vessel can not give of itself, and if there’s nothing left in us then there is no way that we can give to others.

As my fingers dance along with the keyboard I feel my eyes watering, my body relaxing and my mind releasing energy I didn’t know was there. I needed to hear these words, internalize the concept, to listen to my inner voice. Because at the end of the day nobody will care for me the way that I do. 

It’s time for us to care for the person that’s most important in our lives, and that’s ourselves. It’s time for us to give that which we are constantly giving to others. Because it is time for us to tune in and listen to what our bodies are saying. We are obligated to care for it, love it, and sustain it the way we do for the people around us.

This week I will focus on giving myself the time, the space, and the rest that I need. It’s my obligation as a wife, as a soon-to-be mother, and as a person to care for myself so that I can better care for those I love. 

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Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

61 thoughts on “Time for ‘Me Time’

  1. Yes! It’s so easy to forget about ourselves, we forget who we really are, what we need. I’m so glad you’re taking the time for you. It’s such an important and overlooked thing. But we all need it.

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  2. How true, it is so easy to forget about ourself a lot of time while trying to be there for others. I hope you are taking all the time you need and your baby is one lucky one to have a strong mother like you. Stay blessed. 💞

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    1. It is definitely way too easy to forget about ourselves! I find that in todays fast paced world people often fall apart without knowing why. We’re just too busy running around and forget to care for ourselves the way we need to.
      Thank you for your words, Daphny! I am certainly trying to give my body the rest it needs so that it can give my baby everything it requires to grow 😊

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      1. Wonderful dear friend🙏 I took your advice last night too. After a stressful time yesterday I came home from an event and read your blog. I was going to blog but decided what I really needed was an hour of quiet meditation! Success! Thanks 🙏 💕

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      2. Oh my, I’m so happy to hear that 😊 it’s awesome that you decided to take the time for yourself. I’ve also been more mindful yesterday and hope to give myself the time today too.
        Thank you for letting me know. You’re an inspiration to me, Victoria 😍

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  3. Simone as someone who went through cancer last year, I can definitely tell you that looking after you is of the utmost importance! So glad you’ve recognized what you need this week. Everything in balance. Bless you. 🙂

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    1. I hope you are healthy and well, so sorry about your experience. It must have been so awfully tough!
      You’re definitely the one who knows how important this is for the body. Thank you for your words and thoughts. Hope you have some rest and relaxation too 😊


  4. God bless you! We all need time to decompress, for others as well as ourselves. Self-love is the best gift we can give ourselves and our family. It’s a commitment more than an obligation. You’ll do just fine!

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    1. Thank you Nancy for your positivity and sweet words!
      You couldn’t have said it better. I feel that as woman we can all relate to being all over the place for others, while neglecting ourselves. Self love is definitely of utmost importance!
      Appreciate your comment dear Nancy 😍

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  5. It happens, especially with ladies, who take care of everything and everybody else, except themselves. But I always say charity begins at home. You have to take care of yourself first to do what you wish. Take time for yourself. Stay happy and blessed, always!

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    1. I so agree with your words! We woman sometimes “forget” to care for ourselves and then it can all explode- when we’re too overworked and over stressed.
      I definitely will heed your advice and care for myself 😊
      Thank you for your words, KK!

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  6. I really needed to read this today. My elderly mom needs care, and sometimes I have to say ‘no’ to take care of me. She doesn’t always understand. And then I feel guilty. Thank you for sharing this. You are truly blessed with that new life coming. Remember this message about taking care of you. Congratulations and warm hugs.

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    1. Lori, I can certainly relate about the guilt sometimes.. when we feel like we need to be there for others while we’re neglecting our own needs.
      I’m so happy that you’re able to do what’s right for yourself (with your moms disapproval probably being hurtful)
      Thank you for your wishes! I will remember to take care of myself 😍

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  7. Beautiful thoughts. When we were young parents, we used to debate the occasional “date night.” We’d ask relatives or a babysitter to watch the kids. We felt awkward, selfish, taking time for ourselves. We’d question if we were doing the right thing. Years later, I’m convinced it was one of the smartest things we did. It wasn’t a ton of time … but we were able to step out of the immediate challenges and catch our breath. You’re spot on: “It’s so easy to forget about ourselves, we forget who we really are, what we need.” We can’t help anyone else if we’re burned out. Thank you so much for the reminder. Great post!

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    1. Wow it’s awesome that you made the time for the two of you to have some private time to reconnect.
      I am planning to implement this too as we start our family. We can’t forget that the relationship is what matters most and we need to keep it alive ❤️
      I’m glad my words helped you realize how important taking time off for yourself is. Your words have inspired me too 😊

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      1. I remember taking a business trip once and the steward/stewardess made a point of telling parents that in the event of an emergency to put on their oxygen masks first, before putting on one for a child or elderly relative. It stuck with me. We needed to first focus on our relationship. It’s challenging, but still important. Good luck too with your family. Exciting times, enjoy them.

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    1. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot! I’m so happy that it touched you. I actually do write from a deep and pure place within. Thank you for your prayers!!


  8. Beautiful thoughts. You can not give from a cup that’s empty. Even when it is half full, you run the risk of emptying its life giving force to an end that is filled with emptiness. Instead, by creating abundance, you have more than enough to give freely. Thank you for this reminder and I look forward to reading more of your work!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and comment! And I appreciate your thought too. When we’re full and feel satisfied with ourselves and our lives theres plenty to share!
      Looking forward to having you here 😊

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  9. I’m so sorry I’m so late commenting on your post (and possibly having missed a couple too) – I’ve had so much happening around me, including a couple of somewhat difficult and disastrous days, which I shared about after the events. I’m way behind in reading other bloggers’ posts, let alone commenting etc. My inbox is jammed, and I don’t have time to deal with all my emails which is causing a huge amount of stress as I hate to let people down.

    I will really take your advice to heart as I’m trying to do too much for others at the moment and don’t seem to have had time to do anything for myself. I know this is detrimental to my physical, mental and emotional health, so need to change the situation. I’m very glad you have realised this for yourself in good time. It is especially important for you to get enough rest and ‘you’ time with your little baby due so soon. You deserve to take all the time in the world for yourself. If you’re exhausted, you won’t be able to give of yourself to your precious little baby. Take care, my friend. Ellie xxx 🥰💞😘

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    1. Ellie, it does sound like you have a lot to deal with and I know it’s easier said than done that “you need to give yourself time, space and love” but it’s absolutely vital.
      Don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down when you’re not responding to emails, reviewing posts etc. You do the best you can and ultimately, need to make sure that you’re taken care of!

      Yes I definitely am happy that I noticed how much I’ve been missing the time carved out for myself and I sure am relishing every pre baby moment as I know life will be so super busy 😝

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