Your Worst Enemy

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You are your own worst enemy. Take a good, hard look in the mirror and see the person staring right back at you. There are additional adversaries in your life perhaps, yet the one person who holds the most power over you- is you.

The one who doesn’t let you grow, who can’t seem to find the courage to maximize your true potential, the one who continuously berates and belittles you silently, is yourself.

We are the biggest hurdle in the path of our self-actualization. We are the greatest barrier to our true success. We are the ones creating the limitations and restrictions, which take up extensive space in our minds. 

The ones who we assert won’t forgive us, won’t accept us, won’t find favor in our actions- are not as significant as you think. For if you truly retrieve the memories of years bygone you will discover that you’re the one who can’t forgive yourself. 

You can’t forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, the mess ups and mishaps and misfortunes that (you think) you have generated for yourself. You can’t forgive yourself for your human limitations, for all that which makes you the beautiful person you are.

When I discovered that and glanced in the mirror I found enormous truth in this thought-provoking realization. I cried. The reality hit me square in the face, right on target. Because all I needed when I was facing the challenges of life was my self-love, my self-acceptance, and my belief in myself. I falsely speculated that it was the other’s forgiveness I wanted when I was honestly looking for my own.

Facing this enemy is a lifelong struggle! That is perhaps the greatest challenge we all confront. We all want to reach greater heights, whether be it in our career, relationship, parenting, etc. yet the inner critic inside of us will never be at peace when we are happy. It will search for reasons to make you feel unworthy, unloved, and uncomfortable in your skin.

Once you realize what you’re up against the struggle has already gotten lighter. For now that you know whom you’re confronting you can try to conquer it.

Be kind to yourself. Practice gentleness and compassion. Treat yourself like you would your beloved. Talk to yourself with passion, sensitivity, and kindness. For, after all, you can convert your greatest enemy into your very best friend.

Published by Simone E

Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

57 thoughts on “Your Worst Enemy

  1. This is so powerful. I’ve struggled with this all my life. It’s devastating. Eleven years of therapy has helped but I still have a long way to go to achieve any sort of peace with myself. It’s really sad. Thanks so much for expressing this in such a compassionate and meaningful way. 🙂

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    1. Wow.. I can definitely relate to that. It’s something which we’re all struggling with. Some more, some less. As long as your on the path of searching for peace and love from yourself I’d say you’re in the right direction!
      I’m happy you found this to be meaningful. And yes I did put my heart in this (because it’s what I feel) and I’m so glad you’ve felt it! 🥰

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    1. Exactly! Id say that’s the hardest for us. Loving others can be easier at times, yet accepting ourselves and all our flaws can be a challenge.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 😊

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  2. Beautifully said, Simone. You are very wise. Learning to forgive ourselves is a tough one. I had a very damaging and painful relationship with a professional person who was meant to be helping me recover from my earlier traumas. Unfortunately, she broke all the rules and boundaries and left me broken and bleeding. I’ve been in therapy for more years than I care to mention, partly, and amongst other reasons, to try and forgive this person. I’m just so stuck with it. It’s eating up my life – it’s been months and years – just too long. I berate myself for not knowing what was evident to everyone else and for not getting myself away from her a long time before.

    Having said all that, your post gives me hope. I realise I’m the only one who can forgive myself and try to move on from the past; otherwise, it will hold me back forever. As I take from your writing, I’m also my own worst enemy. I don’t think any of us know the true inner feelings of others. It’s so much easier to be kind and gentle with friends, family or even strangers; it’s far harder to do this for yourself. Thank you so much for such a valuable and encouraging post. Xx 💖

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    1. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, Ellie. It must have been terrible to be betrayed like that. Therapy is a wonderful tool, which can oftentimes help an individual learn to love, nurture and forgive themselves.
      It’s wonderful that you’re taking those steps to actively pursue a loving and kind understanding with yourself.
      You really nailed it.. we don’t know the thought patterns and feelings of peers and therefore it is easier to forgive them and understand them; whilst we live with ourselves and it’s hard for us to come to terms with the way we are.
      I’m so happy you liked this post. Thank you for your insightful comment, it means a lot 😍

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      1. Thank you for such a kind, thoughtful and understanding reply to my comment, Simone. It’s really much appreciated. Your post has given me positive thoughts for the future. I am determined to overcome this betrayal albeit it might take some time to do so. I do now have the support of a lovely new therapist who is helping me greatly regain my shattered confidence and morale. I’ll get there – I know I will – I just need to be patient and work hard on myself. Thanks again. Ellie xx 🥰

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    1. Thank you, Cindy! I’m glad you say that. Self-love certainly is one of the most important components!
      Thank you for reading and commenting, dear 😊


  3. This is the same words, that I remind myself each and every second to make yourself your best friend. It’s true that we are living in competitive world but the biggest competition is the battle with yourself to be you.✨

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    1. I think it can resonate with many of us since we’re all dealing with these issues with our inner selves.
      I’m glad it resonated! Thank you for reading and commenting 😊


  4. Love this!❤ I think we have to change the way we think about ourselves, and how we image ourselves. Self-image is important here. Like Fred Durst ever said, “That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain.”

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    1. So true! We definitely need to change the perspective we’ve got on ourselves and our perception of who we are.
      Love the quote, perfectly said and summed up 😝


      1. You’re welcome 😊
        🙏 EVERY Life is important. I would wish you to visit my blog posts on safety on road and drive your vehicle safely/defensively. It will be appreciable if you share same further with your dear ones….

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