Kicks of Love

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Now that I’m entering the sixth month of my pregnancy my baby’s kicks come hard and fast. So much so that I may cringe, the sharp pains in my stomach something that I’m not accustomed to!

It is interesting to note that I have not felt any resentment or anger for the pain that this is causing me. It is uncomfortable many times. When I’m just trying to have a good time and the aches and pains are throbbing. When I’m trying to settle in for a good night’s sleep and am interrupted every few moments with sharp pangs. All that notwithstanding, I haven’t yet experienced an iota of annoyance at those kicks.

Rather I find them to be exhilarating, almost intoxicating. This pregnancy has been long-awaited and very much anticipated. Every time I feel the familiar kick my heart fills with joy and love for my unborn child. It’s a sign that it’s alive and well. I take those kicks as a sign of my baby’s love for me and a hug of sorts.

Sometimes in our lives, we get a strong “kick” from heaven. A heavy blow to the stomach. It hurts. It kills. It tears apart our self-esteem and disrupts our stability. We feel depleted, broken, and worthless. Every time we get another kick whether be it a rejection, a broken relationship, a loss, or an illness we double over in pain and are paralyzed with fear and anger.

Why is God doing this to us? Why do we deserve it? It hurts so much. The questions are enormous and endless. We don’t understand why we get the devastating blows, the painful kicks which throw us off balance. The pain leaves us reeling and struggling to stay alive.

If only we were to realize that those “Kicks” are small reminders, a loving pat- however much it may hurt. It’s our God who’s sending us these little opportunities for growth, these hurdles which help us elevate and escalate our grit and strength while providing us with the chance to change and become a better person.

Rather than bitterness and angst overtaking us we can notice and realize that it’s a sign of love. It’s a heavenly signal calling down to you saying “I know this hurts right now but I’m here with you. I love you. I’ll take care of you.”

My baby has taught me so much already. It has given me an invaluable lesson that I try to implement in my day-to-day life. When life hurts in a hard way, when the blow is strong; instead of climbing into my shell of self-pity and victimhood I look up, wave to the God who created me, and recognize his presence. I realize that although it’s painful right now it’s also a sign that he’s with me. He has not forgotten nor forsaken me.

It hurts. It hurts mighty hard sometimes. But he’s here with me and those signs of pain mean that there’s light, that God is standing steadily by my side, and that there is Hope.

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Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

80 thoughts on “Kicks of Love

    1. Thank you dear for your sweet and kind words! You have no idea how much they mean to me 😊 I immensely appreciate your prayers, we can all need it! All the time!
      Sending my love your way.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your descriptions of both kinds of Kicks of Love. The former ones are more easy to love – the beautiful creation of existence within us and our unconditional love that blooms. The latter needs a deeper presence to acknowledge it to be Love itself as we are all Divinely guided and supported through our experiences.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! What an invaluable point.. that is very true. It is easier to love the pain which we know we’ll benefit from. The true hard work is getting to appreciate the alternate kicks and believe that they are pains of love too.
      Thank you for your comment and insight 😊

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  2. I apologize for getting so excited thatbI pushed the send before I could finish writing my comment (Oops!). I meant to add that I love your analogy of life’s kicks. And I agree, you have to experience those kicks and even the birthing pains before you can experience joy. Lovely lovely piece here, Simone! 🥰😍💖🦋💐🌹

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    1. Thank you for your excitement!! I loved that 😂❤️
      Exactly my thoughts.. there’s always pain before joy. After all, nothing worth having comes easy..!
      Thanks for your sweet words and comment!💗

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  3. I’m in week 18 and and just starting to feel real consistent, strong movement. They never bother me, and I joke that I like to push him back. This is my 4th pregnancy, so I know the hell I’m in for when it really starts hurting.
    I’ve never thought of it how you put it though. I’ve never gotten upset or angry with any of my babies for kicking me and hurting me, I just joke about it and poke them back. Maybe it is the same, maybe life is the same way. When it gets hard…it’s just supposed to. Just poke it back and keep going.
    Something like that 🙂

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    1. Haha, I love how you say that! “Just poke it back.” LOL, that caused a laugh 😂
      And of course there’s no need to being upset, but it’s just that it’s interesting to compare these loving pains to the others were experiencing..
      Perhaps it’s because I’m usually very slim and this is my first pregnancy- and this little guy is super active; but yes, it’s getting kind of uncomfortable in my space 😉

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      1. I’m also pretty small so I can relate…it is NOT fun when they discover your rib cage. And your bladder. This little guy is chill so far…I’m hoping he stays that way 😜.
        It is definitely an interesting comparison. I’m going to try to keep it in mind when I’m pissed at the world. Which happens a good bit 😅

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      2. Oh my, the rib cage part definitely does not sound like fun! But ya know what, I’m in for it? I’ve wanted to be a mother so badly and I’m embracing all the aches and pains.
        Glad to here you’ll try to keep that in mind, hope it works 😉

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  4. Beautiful reflections, Simone. I hope the pain subsides, but it is so wise of you to see the lessons that even the discomfort of pregnancy brings. So many things happen to to your body and it almost seems like no one ever talks about them, so I was so glad to see you sharing your experiences openly. Thank you for this.

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    1. Thank you for your words 😊 Yes I do hope that it gets better, although I don’t think it will! And im okay with that, as long as it’s for this reason 😉
      Very true.. many times I feel that the symptoms of pregnancy isn’t oft discussed and evaded for some reason. I’m happy you appreciated me sharing!

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    1. Thank you and Amen! Yes I most certainly am 😊 Some of my previous posts talk about this pregnancy and the baby I lost before it.. finally, my long awaited rainbow 🌈
      God is great!

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  5. Pregnancy’s time the kick from baby is a loving kick and this feeling is excellent! except of anything beautiful article ! Wish have a healthy baby ! 👌❤

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  6. If you think the kicks are something, wait until you can clearly see the entire outline of your baby’s foot as it moves from one side of your belly to the other. It is surreal! My babies always waited until I took a little rest; that’s when they’d start doing cha cha! Enjoy every mystifying, miraculous moment of this time of your life. The second that baby is born your life will never be the same again. I wish you a smooth delivery and a lifetime of happiness. 🤰🏻 🤱🏻

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    1. I can’t wait until my little dancer gets to do that. Thank you for reading! I am trying to do the things I know I won’t be able to do once it comes around 😉
      Thank you for your blessings!!

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      1. I’m assuming this is your first baby. If so, may I offer some advice? It’s good to do the things now that you probably won’t get to later. When the baby eats, you eat and when the baby sleeps, you sleep. Do not make the mistake of thinking baby’s nap time is your time to do laundry or clean the house. Nope! It’s you’re time to nap and recoup because you’ll need all the rest you can get when you actually have the time to do laundry or clean the house! There are countless books about baby care; I’ll tell you what my mother-in-law told me: “Put down the book and pick up the baby”. There’s no how-to manual on being a parent but if you follow your heart, relax and love your baby with everything you have you’re going to be just fine. Best wishes to you. Don’t forget to post pix!! 😊

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      2. Thank you, dear Nancy! I so appreciate your advice- it is surely something I will keep in mind.
        Yes, it is our first child. If you’ll refer back to my previous posts you will see that unfortunately, we had a miscarriage… This baby is long-awaited and our precious rainbow 🌈 I can’t wait to get to see my little one. I most certainly will post pics!!! Can’t wait to share them with you ☺️

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    1. Yes, it is a very painful experience that lots of women understand, unfortunately. I certainly am blessed and will continue counting all of them 😊 Thank you for your sweet words. It means a lot!

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  7. Beautifully expressed and profound. May you and your baby have a safe journey ’till the very end.

    What you said about hardships in life, and how we question God is quite relatable, what no doubt, He knows ahead of time, what is best for us, so I guess, we have to be super patient, because He is our only ray of hope. 🙂

    Take super care of yourself. Stay safe.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet words!
      We definitely need to be patient many times and wait for him to show us his kindness. He is definitely our only hope!
      Thank you for reading and for your kindness 😃

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