Freedom From Exile

Shackled in our own mind..

There have been many exiles throughout the ages. Of various different forms, alternate realities and tales, yet all involving those who were tortured, persecuted, and shamed. Throughout the millennia there has been multitudes of people from different ethnicity groups, races, and cultures who were forced into exile due to reasons which can not be comprehended in todays modern culture and date and age.

We all know stories dating thousands of years. Take the Jews in Egypt, who were forced into slavery and subjugation; the cassocks, the Romans, and their progeny in later years who attacked their prey with ruthlessness. There were always those who lived in constant fear of yet another tragedy or attack. Absolutely paralyzed by the knowledge that they would be the helpless victim of the bloody perpetrators yet again.

Nowadays we scarcely know of such a reality. There may be isolated incidents of crime, shame, abuse and neglect- yet the mass exodus and execution that which our forefathers have experienced back in the day is thankfully something which we cannot relate to.

However, when we truly look inside ourselves and examine the way we live our lives, the way we go about our day to day tasks, it may shock us that we are actually shackled in many more ways than we would like to think.

How many of us are constantly under the scrutiny of our own minds eye? Constantly and fervently attacking ourselves for behaviors, incidents, and encounters. There are so many going around with self-loathing and lack of true love. We are shackled. We may not actually have chains attached to our feet, yet our mind and hearts are limited to a very small space.

We all have ways in which we live in our own self created exile. The limitations we set for ourselves, the lack of belief in our power, the sarcasm when it comes to our accomplishments- the constant belittling. For how often do we let our free spirit soar? Have we ever tried, for just a moment, to let our souls connect to the divine, to feel the universe’s compassion and the love that we have for ourselves, and how much the Creator Of All values and appreciates our existence? 

It is time to really and truly let go of the limitations we set for ourselves in the confines of our mind. We need to empower our hearts to truly feel, our souls to really connect, and our minds to really believe. That we have the power. The power to do anything.

And yes, we have the power to leave the exile of limitations we have created for ourselves.

Published by Simone E

Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

25 thoughts on “Freedom From Exile

  1. Die Seele der Geist
    sind in uns
    nicht da draussen

    der Hass
    in der Welt
    die Femizide
    die Vergewaltigung
    von Frauen und Kinder

    der Vollkommene der männlich der Eine
    über die spirituelle Hybris der Altväter
    mit ihren Heiligen Schriften
    die Diktatoren die sich auf eine Ideologie berufen

    sind bis heute die Gerechten
    die schalten und walten wie sie wollen

    der einfache Mensch
    ist ihnen auf Tod und Verderben ausgeliefert


    The soul the spirit
    are in us
    not out there

    the hate
    in the world
    aggressive wars
    the femicides
    the rape
    of women and children

    the perfect the male the one
    about the spiritual hubris of the ancients
    with their holy writings
    the dictators who invoke an ideology

    are the righteous to this day
    who switch and rule as they want

    the simple man
    is at their mercy to death and ruin

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  2. Thinking of the past brutal treatment given to the one who is in exile sounds horrifying. The cruelty in man exhibits always.
    Today it is a different scene and you speak of the putting our own selves in exile and freeing from it. In this aspect our own mind plays an important role, putting it to reasoning we will find the answer.

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    1. Very well said, Shiva! It is we who control where our minds wander, and we have the ability to either stay stuck in our own incapacities or force ourselves out of it.
      Thanks for stopping by 😊

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  3. I so agree, Simone, that we humans shackle ourselves at times. Maybe it’s because we don’t think we’re deserving, or maybe our expectations are much too high for ourselves. I don’t know, but whatever the cause we need to learn to break free by believing we are here for a purpose and have the power for change.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts, Michele. As human beings we are complicated.. it is often hard to comprehend what makes us tick, what makes us think, and what causes our negative patterns and behaviors. Hopefully with awareness we can make a conscious decision to, as you put so beautifully, “believe we’re here for a purpose and know we have the power for change.”
      Thank you for reading and for your insight 😊

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