Why, God…


Why God, I ask 

When there is never a clear reason 

For pain, for heartbreak

For a desperately lonely season.

Why God, I ask

When people die, when hardships come

And there seems to be no answer

At least no good one.

Why God, I ask

When I’m in midst of sorrow

When I can’t feel hope

And don’t see a tomorrow.

Why God, I ask 

When it’s all just a blur 

When loved ones cry in agony 

And there’s just no cure.

Why God, I ask

Do good people suffer still

When those who deserve less

Get more than the good ones will? 

Why God, I ask

When the tears come from my eyes

When I know that he listens 

And yes, he hears my cries.

In midst of the questions, the asking

The begging for answers 

Something startles me.

We never ask why God

When things go our way

We just enjoy the moment 

And the glorious sunny day.

We never ask why God

When goodness seems to come

We revel in the sweetness 

Of the pleasure and the fun.

We never ask why God

When he bestows upon us good

When he’s given us so much

Way more than he should.

We never ask why God

When we receive what we’ve asked

Instead in the kindness 

In the glory, we bask.

We never ask why God

When everything is fine

We never attribute the good

That it’s all from the divine.

It’s time to say

Thank you God

For the good, for the questions 

For the life we are living;

Forever we are his child

And he won’t ever stop giving…

Published by Simone E

Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

19 thoughts on “Why, God…

    1. Thank you Cherie! Unfortunately we are all guilty of questioning, doubting and forgetting how much he is constantly giving.. it’s always good to be reminded of God’s goodness and love for us ❤️

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, at times we do not understand his ways- especially when we are in pain and in the dark. As you say, “God is loving and kind!” His mercy is infinite.
      I greatly appreciate the feedback 😊


  1. When we feel good and fine we usually do not think of God, however, when we have a time of sorrow and suffering we pray to Him – we should have our thoughts in Him in good and bad times – sometimes we have to take bitter medicine to bring us forward in our development and understanding – if everything would be fine, we would start to be blind, but problems which come in our way, they can make us stronger – so life teaches us in many ways – if we accept good and bad things that come across our lives – suffering will not have so much power on us and we start to see things from another perspective.

    Thanks a lot, dear Simone and wishing you all that is good for you 🙂

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    1. Very true! God often sends us little reminders in form of pain so that we can look up and see where the stones are coming from.
      It is only then that we notice that it’s all from him and we recognize his presence.
      Thank you, dear, for your valuable thoughts and insightful comments 😍

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      1. Once I wrote: “We all play only one role: the role of the One…” Nothing is separated, all is One, all is He – it is our ego and mind that separates, perceives duality – but soul is from the same essence as that of God, we are a drop in Him, in His Ocean of love, life, light.
        Hugs and love

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  2. What powerful words, Didi! All is truly His Presene. We are definitely part of the divine and a true part of his wondrous essence. Your words are enlightening and inspiring. It is good to find other believers 🙂

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