Just do YOU

The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Perfection as “An unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence; freedom from fault or defect.”

When it is quoted it appears superfluous, almost unnecessary. Sentences beaded together, so often heard yet never perceived. It is hard for me to ponder the phraseology, simply written. When I think about it, the monstruous word Perfection gazing at me I feel a blinding beam of light which provides clarity. For honestly, I cannot fathom how one can still pursue this unreachable, hazy objective. Nearly childlike and full of false promises.

My mind fails to perceive that elusive existence of utmost flawlessness, for it has never seen any human attaining this goal. Hasn’t life showed me enough? Pain, anguish, sorrow, the limitless abyss of emotional purgatory, which feels like moons away from perfection. I’ve long ceased trying to acquire greatness and have yet to know an individual so rightfully fitting the criteria. It is a foolish, bizarre, and most ridiculous search. One where the outcome is set to fail from the very start.

So, this is Me, officially declaring myself as Imperfect. It feels vulnerable, even painful, but this is Me. And it’s real. The closest thing I know to the truth. Pristine, crystal clear and brutally honest. My imperfect edges are so blatantly apparent yet wonderfully, interestingly I feel at Peace.

The danger of admitting imperfection is that one may use it against you. That is the true danger of the revelation. Once you know someone, their imperfections, and most vulnerable parts of their selves there is a great danger. For admitting one’s imperfection grants the other the most powerful weapon of exploitation, when one can observe an individual’s insecurities and throw it back in their face with a vengeance.

There is beauty in Imperfection. Light flooding the surface of the earth, a powerful beam of sunshine, truth and realness warming the surface of a cold and hardened world- which knows the exterior all too well yet does not know what lies in the interior of the peoples. Imperfection thaws the ice-cold realities of life, for its warm embers opens the earth up to a new reality. Tears away the barriers which keep us from growing, makes way for goodness to penetrate. For truth to win.

Being Perfect comes with a set of rules. So many things one does not say, feel, want, or express. Emotions locked under the weight of feigned perfection. Imperfection grants you peace and a new lease on life. When falsehood is stripped away it can reveal the glorious essence of our very selves.

Imperfections need not be changed in any way. It is unique in its characteristic and perfect in its own way. It does not tolerate anything but authenticity, which is a true treasure in our world. Imperfection gives you the ability to be who you are with no cover ups or veils of any form.

So no, I may not be Perfect but I’m being myself.

How about, you too, Just do You…?

Published by Simone E

Passion for words, people and life. I aspire to find meaning, inspiration, and God in everything that happens.

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